Parasoft Announces Support for ISO 8583

Parasoft Announces Support for ISO 8583

Parasoft announced native support for InternationalOrganization of Standardization (ISO) 8583 messaging, a standard for exchangingfinancial transactions. Parasoft SOAtest, a key component of Parasoft?s SOAQuality Solution, now helps teams establish and manage a consistent, continuousquality process for the electronic payment systems vital to businessoperations. This new capability is the latest extension to Parasoft?scomprehensive, collaborative test and analysis solution, designed specificallyfor test and validation of Service Oriented Architectures.

 ISO 8583 specifiesa standard for exchanging financial transaction data (e.g., for purchases,deposits, withdrawals, refunds, payments, etc.) between the transaction-acquiringdevice (e.g., a POS or ATM terminal) and thecard issuer. The ISO 8583 standard also defines system-to-system messages forsecure key exchanges, agreement of totals, and other business demands.

 The new ParasoftSOAtest ISO 8583 capabilities provide an easy-to-use graphical interface forconfiguring binary message formats. Teams working on systems that exchangefinancial transactions can now leverage Parasoft SOAtest to simulate clientsfor sending and receiving ISO 8583 messages.

 These establish aregression test suite that will immediately alert them when modificationsimpact these transactions, providing a safety net that reduces the risk ofchange and enables rapid and agile responses to business demands. This newrelease eliminates the need for scripting and enables teams to perform a morecomplete audit of the application?s functionality, which reduces the risk ofbusiness downtime and ensures business continuity.

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