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In the February issue, I listed my favorite online resources for SQL Server information ("SQL Server Web Resources"). But among the vast technical resources available on the Web are sites that contain Visual Basic (VB) programming examples.

Here are my favorite VB Web sites, all of which offer good sample code that you can freely download and use as a learning tool or incorporate into your applications.


In addition to numerous code samples, the EZVB site provides general VB programming resources, including a VB error-message reference and Win32 API function declarations.

6. http://www.planet-source-code .com/vb

Although the response time in accessing this link sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, this site, owned by Exhedra Solutions, offers about 400,000 lines of VB source code. The examples cover the gamut of VB programming, from Active Server Pages (ASP) to database and Registry access.

5.'s home page says it all: The site provides hundreds of downloadable VB source-code examples. Because this site actively solicits code examples from visitors, the list continues to grow. The site also offers an online forum and a newsletter.


Fawcette Technical Publications, publishers of Visual Basic Programmer's Journal (VBPJ), produces the Development Exchange Web site. In addition to VB, this site covers other development languages, including Java, XML, ASP, and Visual C++ (VC++). As a guest visitor, you can read current articles. But to access the article archive, you need to pay for Premier Club membership.


The VB-World site contains a collection of VB technical articles that range from beginning tutorial articles to database access and ADO. In addition to VB code samples, this site provides an online VB forum and the VB-World newsletter.


This site, founded by Francesco Balena, offers VB tips, reusable code routines, and a collection of technical articles. The functions available in this site's Code Bank page are comprehensive and useful.


Carl and Gary's Visual Basic Home Page, run by Carl Franklin and Gary Wisniewski, has been on my Web favorites list for a long time. This was the first VB source-code Web site and remains the best overall VB resource on the Web. In addition to many VB and ASP programming examples, the site offers a VB newsgroup archive, an FAQ page, and many links to sites that offer downloadable

These sites offer sample code that you can download and use as a learning tool or incorporate into your applications

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