Next Android Said to Be 'Jelly Bean', Be Better Than Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has yet to confirm the details of Android iteration Ice Cream Sandwich, but that's not preventing rumors of what will follow it. According to a source dishing to This Is My Next, Google's next Android code name will be Jelly Bean.

Moreover, Google is expected to delay the "game-changing stuff" originally intended for Ice Cream Sandwich and launch it instead in Jelly Bean — if it's even called that. (Jujube? Jelly Roll? Jam Cake? The J-pickings are slim indeed.)

Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to bring together Android's smartphone and tablet efforts, and potentially — in a release far more involved than Gingerbread was — include significant architectural changes. The "game-changing" stuff TIMN's source alluded to?

Ice Cream Sandwich, according to Google (MDP: Android Ice Cream Sandwich Coming This Fall) will arrive in October, November at the latest. Depending what's included — and what's not — a few more details about Google's J-named dessert should be more clear.

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