New Products, October 2005


Identify and Eliminate Performance Problems

VERITAS announced that VERITAS i3, service-management software that detects database performance problems, now supports SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft .NET. The new release lets users monitor, analyze, and fine-tune their applications before bottlenecks affect database service levels. The software provides a complete view of application performance, detects problems, and helps users identify the most effective solution for each problem. The product also provides key application, database, analysis, and system and storage statistics data to provide a smooth migration to SQL Server 2005. The tool provides visibility into .NET applications by using the .NET Framework so that you can isolate and eliminate costly performance problems before they affect end users. VERITAS i3 for .NET and SQL Server 2005 will be available in July 2005. Pricing starts at $1000 per CPU for SQL Server and $1500 per CPU for .NET. For more information, contact VERITAS at 800-327-2232, 650-527-8000, or http://www


Rescue SQL Server Logs

Red Gate Software announced SQL Log Rescue, software that lets you undo and redo individual SQL Server database transactions, protecting users from losing data and eliminating downtime. The tool examines backup files and live transaction logs to ensure full data recovery. Simplifying investigation of SQL Server log files, the product lets you use filtering and search tools to identify problems. You can view details of all transactions, including those involving text and image data, and undo and redo them with scripted SQL. For example, if a table is accidentally dropped, the product will recover all the data in seconds. SQL Log Rescue is available as a standalone product for $295 or as part of a discounted bundle with SQL Backup for $490. A fully functional trial version of the software is available for download. For more information, contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283, [email protected], or


Create Advanced XML Data- Integration Applications

DataDirect Technologies announced Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition, a tool for advanced XML data-integration projects. The software includes tools for XML mapping, XML data modeling, Web services development, and legacy data integration. The new release includes tools for Java code generation for XQuery and XSLT stylesheets, new XML Schema tools including EDI/EDIFACT document conversion, a new File Explorer window for managing complex files, a new XML text view that lets you view two documents side by side, and a canonical XML converter. Pricing for Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition starts at $995 for a single-user license, with volume discounts available. For more information, contact Stylus Studio at 781-280-4488 or


Support Job Scheduling on 64-Bit

Advanced Systems Concepts announced that ActiveBatch V5, the latest release of its job-scheduling and management system, now supports Microsoft's 64-bit OSs, Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. The software provides a single scheduling point for OSs, platforms, and applications. Users can manage large, complex production environments through the product's scheduling and triggering of jobs and plans by events, data, or date and time. ActiveBatch V5 is also suitable for systems running AMD Opteron or Athlon 64 processors, as well as Intel Xeon chips. In addition, Advanced Systems Concepts offers a Java-based wireless client application, ActiveBatch Wireless Client for Blackberry, so IT professionals can work with ActiveBatch through their mobile devices. For pricing, product availability, and other information, contact Advanced Systems Concepts at 800-229-2724 or


Create Dashboards for Reporting Services

Infommersion announced Xcelsius XRS, software that lets you create enterprise dashboards for SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. With the product's data-visualization capabilities, companies can take advantage of Reporting Services features such as full role-based security, server-side caching, and proactive notification. Using these features lets you deliver crucial business data in a secure, easy-to-read graphical format. Users can create forward-looking dashboards that use visual sliders and dials so that decision-makers can manipulate underlying assumptions about data to see how different choices will affect business performance. Xcelsius XRS integrates with common Microsoft desktop and server applications, including Microsoft SharePoint Portal Services and Microsoft Office. The product also offers Xcelsius' Dynamic Documents, a one-click integration of live, interactive dashboards and scorecards into Microsoft Power-Point slides, PDF documents, the Internet, and corporate intranets. For pricing, product availability, and other information, contact Infommersion at 858-552-6672, [email protected], or


Build More Secure Applications

SPI Dynamics announced integration of DevInspect and SecureObjects into Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team System development and testing environments. The company has teamed with Microsoft to upgrade these products for developing more secure Microsoft .NET Framework-based Web applications. DevInspect analyzes Web applications during development to assess where security vulnerabilities exist. SecureObjects pinpoints security vulnerabilities within the code. For pricing, product availability, and other information, contact SPI Dynamics at 678-781-4800, [email protected], or http://


Get Agentless, Cross-Platform Monitoring and Reporting

Heroix announced Heroix Longitude, a new agentless monitoring and reporting product. The product monitors and alerts you about the availability and performance of remote systems and applications. Longitude collects more than 250 crucial operational metrics on six platforms, letting IT personnel assess the status of vital applications. Users can also see application performance at macro and micro levels so that they can address problems immediately. The product provides more than 125 prepackaged reports and graphs, takes only 15 minutes to deploy, and requires little configuration. For pricing, product availability, and other information, contact Heroix at 617-527-1550, 800-229-6500, or

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