Nevron .NET Vision Q2 2006 Released

Nevron .NET Vision Q2 2006 Released

Nevron announced the release of the new version of their charting, diagramming, and user interface component suite for .NET applications. The suite features Nevron Chart for .NET, Nevron Diagram for .NET, and Nevron User Interface for .NET. Version Q2 2006 includes VB.NET and C# examples.


Nevron Chart for .NET (Win Forms and ASP.NET). With many built-in functions, charting types, advanced controls, and editors, the new version of Nevron Chart delivers a wide range of possibilities for displaying diverse data. Version Q2 2006 introduces Line Studies, 2D and 3D Funnels, and Box and Whiskers. It also has better data zoom support and improved axis ticks calculation:

  • Line Studies. Line studies are lines and various geometric figures that are plotted in price charts or indicator charts. They are used as analytical instruments to help define channels, support, and resistance levels, trend changes, and to forecast price dynamics. Line studies supported by Nevron Chart for .NET include Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fans, Fibonacci Retracements, Quadrant Lines, Speed Resistance Lines, and Trendlines.
  • Standard and Advanced 2D and 3D Funnels. Modify different parameters of the funnel, like radius, neck width, neck height, and gap size. You can also change the placement of the funnel data point labels.
  • Box and Whiskers. Box and whiskers plots are very helpful in interpreting the distribution of data. Each box and whiskers item represents a set of values and displays statistical information for it, like minimum, maximum, and median values, upper and lower quartiles, outliers and, optionally, a mean value.
  • Standard Box and Whiskers. Standard box and whiskers charts let you compare the statistical parameters of several different data sets. You can modify different properties of the box and whiskers series, like box size, whiskers size, fill styles, stroke styles, etc.
  • DateTime Box and Whiskers. DateTime box and whiskers charts let you compare the statistical parameters of several data sets that are produced in different moments in time.
  • Point Chart and Box Plot. This combination of a point chart and a box and whiskers chart can represent the same set of values. This option allows the user to input custom data points in a point chart and then the calculation of the data distribution is performed by the box and whiskers data point object.


Nevron Diagram for .NET (Win Forms and ASP.NET). Many features and functionality are new to this version, the most important of which are the support for WebViews and the new shape factories which help you create more than 180 predefined shapes. The DOM has been enhanced to allow easier creation of custom shapes and groups. You can now treat the diagram as a graph or tree. Diagram performance has been optimized; reduced was the memory footprint of complex drawing and the rendering speed has been  increased. Other new features and functionality include:

  • Support for ASP.NET - WebForm views.
  • Support for stylesheets, which minimize the effort needed to apply consistent styling to your diagrams.
  • Support for circular arc primitives.


Improvements in the DOM include:

  • Convert any 2D shape to 1D shape, and vice versa. Plugs are automatically created/destroyed.
  • Elements now store most of their properties in property bags, which minimizes the memory footprint of the diagram.
  • The shape labels, ports, and control point collections are now optional. You can create and destroy them as you see fit.
  • The way in which elliptical arcs are defined and edited was improved.
  • Graph management was decoupled from shapes. You can now specify on a per-shape basis whether you want a shape to be treated as a logical graph part.
  • The composition and decomposition now preserves the local style formatting.
  • Support for primitive shapes.
  • Support for form preservation of 1D primitive shapes when you modify their start and end points.
  • Support for 22 different modes in which aggregate models can scale models they aggregate. The most commonly used are CartesianScaleAndReposition, RepositionOnly, and AffineScale.
  • Support for element abilities and protection.


Nevron User Interface for .NET. Explore the docking library, professional and extensible command bars, and unique features like skinnable forms, rich-text labels, and modern fill effects (glass, gel) designed to bring to your .NET applications the latest GUI standards and technologies. The suite introduces many modern custom controls, such as Microsoft Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane, Windows XP Explorer Bar, and a complete set of extended Windows Forms controls.



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