Mobile apps get new guidelines

The Unified Testing Initiative, a non-profit independent standards and testing body comprised of major wireless service provider members, has issued a new set of best practices aimed at standardizing the quality of mobile applications.

UTI’s document, “Best Practice Guidelines for Developing Quality Mobile Applications,” outlines guidelines for cross-platform mobile app development, encompassing everything from appropriate use of battery life to issues related to user interfaces. The organization is encouraging developers to follow the guidelines in an effort to help unify app characteristics such as connectivity, messaging, language, data handling and security.

UTI’s members include representatives from major mobile industry players, including AT&T, Nokia, Vodafone, Orange, Motorola, Samsung, Oracle and LG. The organization is seeking feedback from the mobile community on the app development guidelines, encouraging people to chime in on its blog.

Given the current wild west-like environment of app development right now—not to mention the complexity of developing and releasing apps to work on so many different and competing mobile operating systems—a little order and direction is probably a good thing for developers. More fledgling developers in particular are likely to benefit from the intelligence the best practices offer. The trick will be for developers to continue to apply their own customized innovation to the apps they develop, to keep them to unique and to remain competitive.  



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