Microsoft Windows Phone 'Mango' Update Coming in ‘Next Week or Two’

Microsoft Windows Phone 'Mango' Update Coming in ‘Next Week or Two’

Where's Mango? It's coming, Microsoft's Eric Hautala promised this week on the Windows Phone blog.

Microsoft and its partners (CP: New AT&T 4G Mango smartphones coming, plus a Mango push to WP7 phones) are making "solid progress," he wrote, and the long-time-coming Windows Phone 7.5 update will arrive in the "next week or two," at which time Microsoft will also update its "Where's my phone update?" page.

Huatala also cautioned the impatient to resist downloading "leaked" or unofficial copies, explaining:

During the official Windows Phone 7.5 update process, every Windows Phone will also receive software from the handset manufacturer. This matched and paired firmware has been painstakingly tuned so your phone — and apps — work with all the new features of Windows Phone 7.5. Since your phone requires the proper firmware to function as designed, my advice is simple: steer clear of bootleg updates and homebrew tools.

Among the hurry-up-already gripes in the comment section following the post, user Sekkds noted that Microsoft would be smart to push the "Update Now" button before Apple's big iPhone 5 announcement (Unfiltered: Jobs or no, Apple iPhone 5 introduction expected Oct. 4).

"Windows Phone needs a shock and awe factor, and they missed it. They should have rolled out Mango a long time ago..." Sekkds went on. "Instead, us Windows Phone users are sitting here, left in the dark, with no known date of when we should expect an update."


Indeed, there are high hopes attached to Mango, which — along with Nokia's upcoming Windows Phone handsets — will need to shock and awe not only Microsoft's established fan base but impress to the point of converting fans of other platforms and convincing feature-phone holdouts to make the switch.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently reiterated earlier analyst reports of carrier interest in a solid third mobile platform — a slot Microsoft will be battling for against RIM's BlackBerry and Samsung's Bada.

"Over the next 12 months, I think it will coalesce and you will start to see one emerge as a legitimate third ecosystem," McAdam said, according to TechCrunch.

If Microsoft gets Mango right — and fast — it may find itself sharing the podium with big-winners Google and Apple.


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