Microsoft Ignite: Transportation, Sessions Options and Expo Floor

Microsoft Ignite: Transportation, Sessions Options and Expo Floor

The countdown to Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta next week continues and today we wanted to bring you a couple more tip videos from Joey Snow and Rick Claus (aka Patch and Switch) plus an idea of the Expo Floor and Microsoft Showcase.

Before we jump into those, just a reminder that we will be onsite all week for Ignite in Atlanta and you can follow all of our coverage here plus on our sister site SuperSite: Windows.

In addition expect us to be active on Twitter as we attend the big keynote on Monday morning and various in-depth sessions throughout the week.

You can follow each of us at these handles on Twitter:

Myself - @WinObs

Lisa - @lschmeiser

Michael - @morisy

One area I will be checking out each day is the Expo Floor where Microsoft partners, conference sponsors and Microsoft themselves will be providing demos of their latest products.

You can download the Expo Floor maps at the Ignite website plus the Microsoft Expo and Showcase Guide as well (PDF, 4.5MB, 7 pages).

If you have any questions for one of Microsoft's technologies just let us know in the comments and we will work on getting an answer for you from the experts themselves.

Now let's check our Patch and Switch's latest tip videos about transportation in Atlanta and the types of sessions that are offered at Ignite.


Session Types

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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