Microsoft Developer News from Connect(); 2016 Microsoft

Microsoft Developer News from Connect(); 2016

Earlier this week a blog post hit the Internet ahead of schedule that indicated Microsoft was going to be releasing Visual Studio for Mac during their annual Connect(); 2016 online developers conference.

That accidental revelation was quickly removed from the public view but as of yesterday we now know that it was for real but Microsoft also announced several items relating to their mantra of providing of providing development tools for any developer, any app and any platform.

The biggest jaw dropper was the fact that Microsoft would be joining the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member. Microsoft has been talking about and supporting Linux on their Azure service for some time now but this move just cements the more open approach the company is taking towards software and services.

In addition to the Linux and Visual Studio on Mac news, Microsoft also unveiled several other software updates and services for developers so here is a quick rundown of those items:

Microsoft Connect();2016 continues today and tomorrow and you can watch live and on demand at Channel 9.

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