MaxCharge 3.1 Available for Download

MaxCharge 3.1 Available for Download

  Maximized Software released MaxCharge 3.1, online credit card processing software that provides full support for Authorize.Net 3.0 and online processing of checks.

  MaxCharge enables your Web site to instantly and securely process credit cards over the Internet. MaxCharge version 3.1 is available for download or purchase. All registered MaxCharge 2.0 users can upgrade to version 3.1; the upgrade is free, and provides new functionality and important bug fixes.

  MaxCharge offers secure processing of credit card orders (charges, refunds), and supports optional address verification and processing of checks. It gives complete error messages, printable status report, and includes sample scripts.

  MaxCharge 3.1 provides the functionality required for a sophisticated Web site solution. For example, the ECHOnline processor can return hundreds of different possible decline codes for a transaction. MaxCharge categorizes each return code into one of seven "decline types" so your script can quickly determine the results. MaxCharge also provides built-in error messages for display to the shopper, and another set for the merchant.

  MaxCharge 3.1 lets ISPs provide credit card processing services for their customers. You can set up a storefront operation and take orders for your customers (who are also merchants). Or you can let your customers design their own sites and scripts, confident that the MaxCharge component cannot be used to usurp your server's security.

  MaxCharge supports ECHOnline "do everything" (authorize and deposit with address verify) transactions; ECHOnline eChecks (payment by personal check); ISP/multiple merchant support; automatic support for redundant processing servers (ECHO only); commercial cards for lower transaction fees (ECHO only); and the InitTestTransaction method to make testing even easier. The MaxCharge DLL is signed by Microsoft AuthentiCode technology to prevent tampering.

  MaxCharge requires a Web server that supports ASP, such as Microsoft IIS or PWS (3.0 or later), O'Reilly WebSite Pro (2.0 or later), Netscape, Lotus, or any other Win32-based Web server supported by ChiliASP. You can use MaxCharge with ColdFusion (running on a Windows Web server) or, instead of using ASP, you can develop your own custom processing program, usually executed via CGI. MaxCharge can be easily used in languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi. MaxCharge includes sample code to get you started. You must also have a merchant account from either Authorize.Net or ECHOnline. Some features vary by the type of credit card processor used.

  A 30-day trial edition is available. Maximized Software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Maximized Software

Price: US$295; upgrade, free to MaxCharge 2.0 users.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: http://

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