List & Label 14 Available

List & Label 14 Available

combit released List & Label version 14, which comes equipped with a host of new features. A special feature that List & Label developers have implemented to ease the use of the Designer is the inclusion of a real-data preview, a time-saving impact for all end users.

 Within the preview is an integrated index to ease the navigation through the report. Additionally, it is now possible to mix different formats within the same document. In earlier versions it was only possible to have one layout format (portrait or landscape). Using a single record from the database, the user can define real rows that can be represented in a line diagram with respect to time.

 New for Professional and Enterprise Edition 14, the generation of DOM code is now automatically provided by the List & Label object model directly from the project file. The DOM viewer has been completely reworked, now including a search utility for objects and properties. Additionally, a project file can be used as a general storage to help developers. For this purpose, the project parameter interface has been extended with a method and allows the storage of SQL queries or even complete data sets within a project.

 Some of the highlights of version 14 include an extended formula assistant, better overview of property values, magnetized help lines in the Designer, and your own Designer actions.


The new features include:

  • Integrated real-data preview. Users see instantaneously the effects of their changes. The time saved is huge, printing and export can now be started from the Designer, without having to compromise on functionality available in the preview, such as printing, exporting, sending e-mail, and a slideshow mode.
  • Different layout regions. The user has more creative freedom regarding the layout of output files, such as paper format and printer destination. Different formats can now be mixed within the same document so that printing each sheet can be targeted to a desired printer.
  • Charts. With a single record from the database, real rows can be defined. This enables a line diagram to have all values displayed with respect to time.
  • Preview. An index is automatically created to ease the overview when previewing a document. Also, the handling of pictures is expedited: when several JPEGS are being used, the data size is now reduced by up to 80%. Optional image smoothing is also attractive to the eye.
  • DOM. Properties, individual objects up to complete projects can be created as .NET code by a single DOM API call. Instead of using a pencil and ruler, the user designs exactly where it is most convenient: in the Designer. That means from a project file, the DOM code can be automatically created. Additionally, the DOM viewer has been re-worked and now includes a search facility.
  • Designer. A better and more user friendly interface for the handling of object properties. As soon as you modify values and change them from the default setting, the properties are displayed in bold format. Enter the term Name in the field list and all fields, including Name , will be visible. This can be used for functions and fields/variables, saving time when you are searching. Help lines have become magnetic, but only via request using the Ctrl-key. Now the user doesn t move the help lines, but also everything docked to it. The project parameter interface now allows the use of project files as general storage, this way enabling parameterized reports. Besides functions and objects, the user can now in combination with DOM and Designer create their own designer actions at the click of a button.


With the combit List & Label software, developers can equip their own applications with efficient functions to assist in the areas of reports, statistics, forms, lists, and labels. Only a few lines of code are required to integrate the report generator into existing applications. The Designer, which can be passed on to end users without having to pay additional license fees, is available in 15 languages. The development tool for extensive reporting functions, as well as Web reporting, is available in German or English and can process almost all character sets. All three editions of List & Label can be integrated into a large variety of programming languages.


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