Keyoti Releases RapidSpell Desktop .NET 4.5

Keyoti Releases RapidSpell Desktop .NET 4.5


Keyoti has released version 4.5 of its .NET Win Form spell-checking control. The latest version of the RapidSpell Desktop .NET control provides full as-you-type and traditional dialog spell-checking for .NET Windows applications.


New features in RapidSpell Desktop .NET 4.5 include these:

         Support for TX Text Control 15

         User options form added, with user dictionary editor


         Undo function added to RapidSpellDialog

         WPF support for RapidSpellDialog

         Simpler and more flexible UI customization

         Global change all/ignore all

         Duplicate word detection in RapidSpellAsYouType added

Visit for more information about RapidSpell Desktop .NET.

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