Kentico CMS 2.0 Introduces Browser-based Web Development

Kentico CMS 2.0 Introduces Browser-based Web Development

Kentico Software released a new version of their Web content management system designed for ASP.NET developers. Kentico CMS is a Web content management solution providing a complete set of features to ASP.NET Web developers. It offers content/design separation, workflow, permissions, multi-language support, full-text search, SEO, online forms, image galleries, and more than 30 configurable Web parts. Kentico CMS 2.0 enables developers to build dynamic Web sites and portals through a Web browser, without writing custom code in Visual Studio.

 This new version simplifies the way developers create dynamic Web sites. It allows them to assemble Web sites from Web parts (portlets). The Web parts, such as a menu, listing, or search box, provide the same level of flexibility as the commonly used server controls, so the developer rarely needs to open Visual Studio 2005 to write custom code. With several built-in modules, such as online forms, newsletter, or image gallery, developers can create an entire Web site without a single line of code.

 The new version comes with a revamped user interface and multi-site support. It also simplifies the Web deployment process by allowing administrators to export a development Web site into a single file and restore it on a production server.


Kentico Software

Price: US$299 to US$999 per Web site

Web Site:


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