JetBrains Releases ReSharper 4.0

JetBrains Releases ReSharper 4.0

JetBrains announced the release of ReSharper version 4.0, the company s productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. This release is spearheaded by across-the-board support for C# 3.0 language, including LINQ, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 in general. In addition, the upgraded add-in features multiple new usability and productivity-boosting tools, such as standard class library annotations, solution-wide analysis (for C#), versatile code cleanup, new automated refactorings, new and improved code-editing capabilities, and more.


Significant improvements and new features in ReSharper 4.0 include:

  • Comprehensive support for C# 3.0. ReSharper not only analyzes new language constructs, but displays suggestions to help migrate to C# 3.0, as well as new warnings to comply with best programming practices. It implements C#3.0-ready refactorings and completes your code with extension methods, lambda expressions, and other new language constructs where appropriate.
  • Annotations for .NET Framework class library. Annotations come with a special set of custom attributes that greatly enhance the quality of ReSharper s code analysis, such as the location of possible NullReferenceEx. Even more rewarding is that the set of attributes is available for all users to annotate their own code.
  • Solution-wide analysis. ReSharper looks for erroneous C# code in your whole solution on the fly; that is, without compiling it first. It can discover errors that cannot be detected by analyzing a single file.
  • Code cleanup. A flexible code compliance and formatting tool that brings together a dozen ReSharper features. In addition to fine-tuning formatting style, you can opt to remove code redundancies, migrate to anonymous types and auto-properties, make fields read-only if possible, optimize using directives, and revamp your C# code with many more settings. Code Cleanup works in batch mode, so you can instantly clean the whole project or solution with a single shortcut.
  • New refactorings. New members of the refactoring family are available, including Inline Method and a pack of C# 3.0-specific refactorings. For VB.NET, all refactorings that were previously limited to C# 2.0 are now available for Visual Basic 8.


Productivity features and performance enhancements:

  • Complete statement. Inserts the necessary syntax elements (braces, semicolons, etc.) and gets you in position to start the next statement, saving on excessive juggling with the caret.
  • CamelHumps in code completion. Lets you complete any symbol by entering only its uppercase characters.
  • Live templates editor and manager. Improved user interface for viewing and managing code templates.
  • Recent edits. A dropdown list that shows recently modified files and symbols.
  • ASP.NET speedup. Significantly accelerated analysis of ASP.NET pages.


ReSharper continues to target a variety of user groups. In addition to the full-featured ReSharper 4.0, JetBrains offers two specialized editions: C# and VB.NET. These language-focused editions exclude a part of the functionality to provide significant savings to end users. To eliminate any confusion, there s now a single download package for all editions.

 Complete product information about JetBrains ReSharper is available at ReSharper 4.0 is available for a 30-day free trial download at No evaluation licenses are required. New customers can purchase ReSharper 4.0 online at

 ReSharper 4.0 is available under commercial and personal licensing. Those who purchased version 3.0 or 3.1 under a special offer are eligible to upgrade for free. A 30-day full-featured evaluation is available.


JetBrains, Inc.

Price: Academic License, US$49; Personal License, US$199; Commercial License, US$349.

Web Site:


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