Jcx.Software Announces Php/HTML Editor for Visual Studio.NET

Jcx.Software Announces Php/HTML Editor for Visual Studio.NET

Jcx.Software announced the availability of VS.Php version 1.3. This release extends the Php editor for Visual Studio.NET by supporting inline HTML editing. This release includes an integrated Php/Html editor with IntelliSense support, which provides support for HTML 4.0 tags, as well as HTML attributes and events.

   VS.Php 1.3 also improves IntelliSense support with two new features: auto suggest and IntelliSense filtering. The auto-suggest feature provides suggestions while typing code; IntelliSense filtering lets the user narrow the content of the IntelliSense combobox based on what has been typed so far. This helps the developer find the entry of interest more quickly. As the user types, the list will narrow. If the user deletes characters, the list grows back to match the remaining selected text.

 This release also lets users deploy individual files at any time. This is useful in debugging operations in which the developer make changes to Php scripts. With version 1.3, the developer can simply select the file changed and deploy it to the server without stopping the debug session, which expedites the development process for the developer.

 Visit http://www.jcxsoftware.com/tutorials.php for a demonstration of the new capabilities.


Jcx.Software Corp.

Price: US$99.99

Web Site: http://www.jcxsoftware.com/vs.php


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