IT/Dev Connections: SpeakerShots, Episode 3

IT/Dev Connections: SpeakerShots, Episode 3

With just a couple weeks away, IT/Dev Connections is a wonderful, highly technical conference that delivers content that is valuable to your IT life today.

In the 3rd episode, learn about the single attribute that makes 5 of our speakers unique from the rest, yet common to each other. Sean Deuby, Bruce MacKenzie-Low, Troy Martin, Nash Pherson, and Mark Minasi are all highlighted in this, somewhat, "hair-raising" romp.

Missed episodes 1 and 2?

Episode 1: Learn a little more about keynoter Brad Anderson, Channel 9 rockstar Rick Claus, and the inventor of PowerShell, Jeffrey Snover.

Episode 2: In the 2nd episode, learn a little more about Jedi Master, Michael Niehaus, and his padawan-turned-Jedi, Johan Arwidmark.


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