IT/Dev Connections 2016 Speaker Highlight: Robert Cain

IT/Dev Connections 2016 Speaker Highlight: Robert Cain

Part of an ongoing series, we're highlighting the excellent speakers we have handpicked to present phenomenal and extremely valuable content at the IT/Dev Connections conference. Want more? Get the Insider’s Scoop About IT/Dev Connections 2016 on September 8!

This speaker highlight is Robert Cain.


Robert's IT/Dev Connection sessions:

Recently, we asked Robert to give us a little information about himself. Here's what he shared:


ITDC: Give us a brief introduction to you.

Robert: My name is Robert Cain, better known as ArcaneCode on twitter. I own my own company, Arcane Training and Consulting. I’m a book author and produce training videos for Pluralsight.


ITDC: Describe the sessions you are presenting and why you feel the topic is important.

Robert: My first session is “Zero to Hero with PowerShell and SQL Server”. PowerShell has become a core Microsoft technology, the glue that holds all of their operating systems and Enterprise applications together, and SQL Server is no exception.

The second session is “So you think MDX is hard?”. Analytics are becoming a cornerstone of many corporations operations and planning areas. All of the new technology, such as PowerBI and the new SSRS reporting, still needs a firm foundation to report from. It’s hard to beat good “old fashioned” Multidimensional Analysis Services as a base. Understanding MDX is critical to be able to utilize SSAS to its fullest potential.


ITDC: What should attendees expect to be able to take away from your sessions?

Robert: In the first session, attendees will walk away with ideas, combined with practical knowledge. They’ll learn about the possibilities offered by the combination of PowerShell and SQL Server, and will also see some examples of it in use. For the second session, knowledge of MDX is a must if you are working with Analysis Services. However, MDX is often thought of as hard to learn and difficult to use. In this session we’ll demystify MDX so attendees walk away being able to “think in MDX”.


ITDC: What is your primary reason to be excited about IT/Dev Connections?

Robert: IT/Dev Connections is a well-run, professional level conference. I love that it spans across multiple technologies, allowing me to meet people across all spectrums of IT.


ITDC: What is the one key technology you believe is changing the technology industry right now?

Robert: I’d have to say it’s more of a shift in mindset than a specific technology, but it would be Microsoft’s move to embrace open source as well as other platforms such as iOS, Android, and Linux. This will open up huge opportunities for those well versed in Microsoft tools.



ITDC: Assuming attendees want to know, what’s your favorite, non-technical hobby or pastime? What’s one thing that totally irks you.

Robert: Being a geek, I don’t really have “non-technical” hobbies. My main passion would be Amateur Radio, I hold the highest class license of “Amateur Extra”, and operate with the call sign of N4IXT. I also enjoy the occasional game of Minecraft.



IT/Dev Connections runs from October 10 – October 13, at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas. IT/Dev Connections has been designed specifically for IT, DevOps, and Developers. You can read all about what IT/Dev Connections offers you HERE.

And, there's still time to register!  Here's some important resources to check out:


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