Intersoft Solutions Announces WebInput.NET

Intersoft Solutions Announces WebInput.NET

WebInput.NET is a multi-purpose user interface input control targeting ASP.NET Web development. WebInput.NET enables you to format, mask, validate, and highlight data. The WebInput.NET data input component is built on top of Intersoft s new Component Framework, named WebUI.NET, which will be the base for all upcoming Intersoft products.

 Using the highlight feature, users can select a specific edit value, whether it s a character, phrase, or word, edit the value, and spin it. WebInput.NET is also capable of formatting and validating the displayed text according to supplied format expressions. The masking feature provides better editing by defining input place holders per character or literals, validating it, and spinning the selected value.

 Use WebInput.NET as a standard text editor to replace the basic HTML Input element or asp:TextBox. You can also use WebInput.NET to replace standard password input. To interact with WebInput.NET at run time, an object-oriented client-side class library of WebInput.NET can be modified via script and persisted to the server side when posted back.

   There are two built-in editors, the Calculator editor and DateTime editor. Both work well with the highlighting, formatting, masking, and validating features. WebInput.NET supports ASP.NET 2.0.


Intersoft Solutions Corp.

Price: US$329

Web Site:


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