Internet Blocking Software May Be Blocking Company Success

Internet Blocking Software May Be Blocking Company Success

Many companies worldwide have implemented Internet blocking software on their networks in hopes of increasing employee productivity. However, many of those companies are now finding that some Internet blocking tools are actually blocking productivity and profits.

 Blocking and filtering software can be an outdated and overused solution that often does more harm than good. Despite that, companies spend millions of dollars per year on software that doesn t solve the underlying problem that is, eliminating time-wasting opportunities and security threats that employees regularly encounter on the Internet. Blocking software often creates a number of false positives or false negatives that actually prevent an employee from doing simple jobs such as Internet research.

 Employee blocking programs offered by most software companies are still working on an outdated mentality. The current and typical method used these days is to implement an outdated employee hand-tying type of check-in or blocking. These methods actually prevent those employees from accessing online information and sites that are useful for the completion of their day-to-day business tasks. This does nothing but create employee resentment and stifles what should be an empowered employee from doing the best job they can.

 To provide an alternative for this challenge, Ascentive LLC offers a software application named BeAware Corporate Edition to help companies efficiently and effectively increase employee productivity, eliminate time wasting, and protect private company data. BeAware can be installed over the network to each employee computer using a Remote Setup program, and can track all employee PC activity with live, real-time monitoring of e-mails, Web surfing, chat, and program use. BeAware reports can be viewed by user, department, or enterprise, or even remotely and can send off automatic notifications when select words, Web sites, or specific applications are accessed.

 Unlike blocking and filtering solutions, BeAware Corporate Edition allows companies to get a complete view of what their employees are doing on their computers online and off. Companies can easily use BeAware Corporate Edition to see what applications their employees are using, what documents are being edited and printed, and when they are using their computers. The blocking and filtering solutions available today can only monitor unencrypted Internet activity, while BeAware Corporate Edition allows companies to view all PC and Internet activity, whether it s encrypted or unencrypted.

 BeAware Corporate Edition uses less than 1% of network broadband usage, while other applications result in considerable slowdown after installation. Other BeAware Corporate Edition benefits include:

  • Detailed reports that help managers find problems quickly and easily.
  • Workgroup deployment of any size (1 to 10,000 employees).
  • Optional private time feature that allows employees to take care of personal business during approved time (great for lunch breaks).
  • Tracking of employees who work in the field, at other company sites, or on the road.


Ascentive LLC

Price: BeAware Corporate Edition, US$89.95 per computer, with volume discounts starting at five computers or more.

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