InstallShield Developer 7.0 Supports .NET Platform

InstallShieldDeveloper 7.0 Supports .NET Platform

  InstallShield Software Corp. announcedInstallShield Developer 7.0, the next version of its installation-authoringsolution for software developers.

  InstallShield Developer provides users withcontrol and flexibility with the InstallScript installation language and theWindows Installer service to control the installation. Using familiarInstallScript, developers have more than 300 specialized installationcapabilities without the hassles of library development. Developers cancustomize any part of the installation, including user dialog sequences, filetransfer, error handling, reboot, and uninstallation.

  Developer 7.0 fully supports MicrosoftWindows XP, applications built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, and 64-bitapplications. With 64-bit application support, developers can build setups forboth pure 64-bit applications and hybrid applications that mix 32-bit and64-bit code. This means interactions with 64-bit system folders, the 64-bitregistry, and the creation of 64-bit custom actions are fully supported.

  The Microsoft .NET Framework support inWindows Installer 2.0 lets users extract and view key file information in theIDE. Developer also offers support for Microsoft Windows XP as both target anddevelopment platform, in addition to Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft WindowsNT 4, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me).

   Developer 7.0 provides direct WindowsInstaller table editing capabilities through the IDE. In addition to advancedSource Code Control integration for project versioning, Developer offers anautomation layer for editing the elements of an installation projectprogrammatically. Specialized automation requirements can be met using theWindows Installer API.

  Developer 7.0 has over 20 task-based wizardsand more than 20 simplified task views and enables users to choose one of 33run-time languages, export existing project elements to another project forreuse, and create project templates. Developer can also add the latest sourcefiles at build time with linked folders, find required file dependencies, andadd vital third-party technologies via over 40 included merge modules - allautomatically. Developer provides built-in migration support, allowingdevelopers to convert existing InstallShield Professional scripts (version 5.5and up) to support the Windows Installer installation model.

  InstallShield's One-Click Install technologyallows developers to create a Web page automatically and enable the download ofan installation in a single click. Developers can also digitally sign andpassword-protect their installations.

  Developer 7.0 includes the Patch CreationWizard to deliver small updates that only contain changed files. Users cancreate a single update that can be applied to multiple previous versions. TheVisual Dialog Editor allows users to modify existing dialogs or create newdialogs from scratch. Dialogs can be exported and imported for sharing acrossprojects. Intelligent Download Support saves bandwidth by not pushing theWindows Installer engine, or pieces of the application, unless required.Advanced Project Debugging lets developers step through the user interfacesequence to confirm conditional behavior or identify trouble spots, validatepackages for internal consistency and Microsoft guidelines, and visually debugInstallScript for precise installations.

  Enhanced File Dependency Scanning runsautomated dependency checks or walks through applications to ensure all filedependencies have been included. Automated Visual Basic project checking isincluded.


InstallShieldSoftware Corp.

Price:New customers,USS$1,199; upgrade for owners of InstallShield for Windows Installer andInstallShield Professional products, US$599; upgrade for InstallShield Expressusers, US$899. Subscription Plan (entitles owners to all upgrades within a yearof purchase), US$599.

Contact: (800) 374-4353



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