Innovasys Announces Document! X 2008

Innovasys Announces Document! X 2008

Innovasys announced the release of Document! X 2008, the sixth version of their documentation solution for developers and technical writers. Document! X 2008 produces professional quality technical documentation for Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies, COM components and controls, Visual Basic 6 and VBA source code, Access, SQL Server and Oracle databases, XSD Schemas, and ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript.

 New features in Document! X 2008 include integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, documentation of ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript, and new templates to replicate the fresh look and feel of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 documentation. This new version also continues to improve the Visual Authoring tools used to supplement the automatically generated documentation, including the Visual Comment Editor integrated with Visual Studio (2002-2008), Visual Basic 6, VBA, and the standalone authoring environment typically used by technical writers.

 Developing accurate documentation has traditionally been a time consuming, costly, and skills intensive task. Documentation during development can be seen as a moving target, and at the end of a project developers are often immediately re-assigned to new development tasks, leaving most projects poorly documented. With Document! X, documentation can be automatically produced throughout design and development without requiring investment of developer resources, providing development teams with an accurate and up-to-date reference, and allowing new developers to jump the learning curve of new components and schemas.

 Further information, a free trial version, case studies, and movies can be obtained from or by contacting mailto:[email protected].



Price: Starts at US$599

Web Site:


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