Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 1

Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 1

Infragistics has released NetAdvantage 2004 Vol. 1, with new ASP.NET tools, including the ability to replicate the Outlook 2003 look and feel for both the .NET explorer bar and scheduling elements. NetAdvantage 2004 Vol. 1 also features new data input elements for ASP.NET, as well as a new data input element, enhancements to the grid, menu, and tree features, and new chart types.


NetAdvantage 2004 Vol. 1 is also 508 compliant, meaning it has a number of features designed to make it accessible to the blind and visually-challenged through an automated descriptive text created at the time the UI element is called.



Price: Starts at US$495

Web Site: http://

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