Help Me Help You



Help Me Help You


By David Riggs


OK, so it s a kitschy line borrowed from Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. And granted, it s not nearly as fun to say or frequently repeated as Show me the money! And yes, I m no Tom Cruise. Nevertheless, the line has validity and relevance.


You all know the scene. Recently fired from a large sports agency after inadvertently exhibiting ethics and a proclivity for principles, Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) is desperate to keep the only client willing to stick with him (Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Maguire s frustration to get his arrogant and obstinate client a righteous contract comes to a head in the team locker room. Maguire can t do it by himself; he needs a little help from Tidwell a willingness to compromise, a slight respite from the ego. In an act of utter desperation, Maguire beseeches Tidwell, Help me help you!


But what does all that have to do with you, me, and ASP.NET? Starting in January, asp.netPRO is reprising our Q&A column, now dubbed asp:Q&A, with Josef Finsel at the helm. Some of you may remember Josef from his asp.netNOW Q&A column in our monthly e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. If you re not familiar with his work, rest assured you re in good hands. Josef is a Solutions Developer with Avanade, the premier global technology integrator for Microsoft solutions in the enterprise. He has spent over two decades providing solutions to people s problems and is currently focusing on doing that through .NET.


So here s your chance to pick Josef s brain. Are you having trouble with forms authentication? Do you have DataGrid-lock? Do you need a quick fix for a recurring problem? We can help.


But and here s where we tie it all together we can t solve the problems until you ask for help. Fire off those nagging questions I know you have them! Work with me here: Help me help you. It s painless, I promise. Send your queries, quandaries, and conundrums to Josef at [email protected] and get the help you need.


And who knows? Maybe when you get answers to your questions, you ll be able to go to your boss and say, Show me the money!


Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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