Got Tips?


Got Tips?


By David Riggs


If your work environment is anything like mine, you sweat your way through seemingly non-stop fire drills using homegrown workarounds every day. I m guessing you often stumble across solutions that are undocumented or unorthodox or both. Furthermore, I ll bet you ve amassed quite an arsenal of killer tricks to get you through those never-ending fire drills. And I m sure you ve pulled out those little tidbits every now and again to amaze your co-workers and your boss.


Well, I ve got a novel idea to spring on you: Share your killer ASP.NET tips. That s right, I said share. We all learned how to share in kindergarten. (Well, most of us learned how to share, anyway.) And part of building this asp.netPRO community is the exchange of thoughts and ideas and that includes sharing the tips and techniques that get you through the day. And it s easy simply complete and submit the online form and we ll consider your tip for publication in asp.netPRO magazine.


Tips can be simple step-by-step instructions or involve complex code development, but they must be valid ASP.NET programming tips. Remember to state what you are trying to accomplish and how you did it. And don t forget to check out the sample tips link for helpful examples.


Not only will you get the satisfaction of helping your fellow developers, you ll also get a free gift from us (currently a copy of the 2003 asp.netPRO Complete Works CD). So check it out at


Thanks for sharing.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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