Gnostice PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET 1.0 Released

GnosticePDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET 1.0 Released

Gnosticereleased Gnostice PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET, a PDF document management componentset for Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET. PDFtoolkit supports filling andreading of PDF forms; compressing, securing, appending, and merging of multiplePDF documents; stamping, setting bookmarks, and many more functions that can beperformed on PDF documents.

  Here are some of the features of PDFtoolkit:

  • Automatereading of filled PDF forms and capture data accurately in the format you want,processing thousands of forms in seconds.
  • Automatefilling of PDF forms with constant data or unique data picked up from any datastore, and distribute the filled forms in one go.
  • Applymarkings that can appear on or below document content to indicate specific usesor restrictions on the document, such as "Confidential," "Draft," etc., or setthe company logo as a watermark on all pages or selected pages of the document.
  • Automateextraction of document meta data (or document information) and save it to adata store, enabling fast searching and retrieval based on document informationelements.
  • Performany kind of PDF document management, manipulation, and reorganization task inbatch or real-time from your application to automate document workflows.


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