GenoTechs Announces AstroMark 3.0

GenoTechs Announces AstroMark 3.0

  GenoTechs released AstroMark 3.0, the next generation software product suite that enables application developers to build robust data-aware Web applications.

  The AstroMark suite includes three major applications: AstroDesigner, for creating database Web pages; AstroServer, the application server middleware or Web server; and AstroMark, the database page browser. All popular database formats (ODBC and encapsulated servers) are supported.

  AstroMark's unique state management and caching mechanisms significantly reduce network traffic. Because all database data is cached on the client side, the user can scroll back and forth through data without revisiting the server or creating dynamic HTML pages. It doesn't require Java, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, or ActiveX components. You can download AstroMark Viewer Plug-in 3.0 and an evaluation version of AstroDesigner 3.0 from


GenoTechs, Inc.

Price: Contact GenoTechs.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

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