FarPoint Updates Spread for Web Forms

FarPoint Updates Spread for Web Forms

Spread for Web Forms v2 allows developers to present, edit, and update their ASP.NET tabular data. Users can make multiple edits on multiple rows without unnecessary round trips to the server. It includes client-side validation to alert users of invalid data immediately, and includes the Spread Designer to allow developers and/or designers to quickly and easily design the look of the component at design time with no coding required.


 Spread for Web Forms supports many features, including Microsoft Excel import/export, cross-sheet formula referencing, in-cell editing, and client-side validation. Using Spread for Web Forms v2 you can apply styles and formatting at the table, row, column, and cell level. It offers customized views with alternating item style, header styles, selected item style, and default style. Spread for Web Forms v2 supports hierarchical display, sheets, paging, sorting, cell spanning and data merging, multiple row/column headers, and bound/unbound modes.

 View online demos, download a trial, or view video tutorials at the FarPoint Web site.


FarPoint Technologies, Inc.

Price: US$699

Web Site: http://www.fpoint.com


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