FarPoint Technologies Announces Spread for SharePoint

FarPoint Technologies Announces Spread for SharePoint

FarPoint Technologies announced the release of Spread for SharePoint. Spread for SharePoint is a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Server v3 (WSS 3.0) integrated spreadsheet Web Part. Through Spread for SharePoint, SharePoint site owners can bind to SharePoint lists to provide users with a feature-rich, customizable spreadsheet experience. Addressing the needs of the SharePoint users, administrators, developers, and system integrators, Spread for SharePoint offers a range of capabilities from a company specializing in enterprise spreadsheet solutions.



Spread for SharePoint presents SharePoint list data in a dynamic and flexible spreadsheet that is integrated with SharePoint List View customizations, including column visible, column order, sort, filter, group by, and totals. Users have a complete data-binding experience where changes to the data are immediately reflected back to the SharePoint list and changes to the SharePoint list data made outside of Spread for SharePoint are automatically reflected in the spreadsheet. Users can personalize their view of SharePoint lists by setting column format elements background color, text color, font, borders, and alignment through the use of a built-in toolbar. Dynamic data analysis can be performed on the data through the use of conditional formatting and multiple-level filtering. Through Spread for SharePoint, users also can save the current view of the list to PDF, Excel 97-2003(XLS), or Excel 2007(XLSX) documents.



SharePoint developers can create custom SharePoint Spreadsheet Web Parts by extending the unsealed base class of Spread for SharePoint. The unsealed base class is part of the Enterprise Edition of the product.

 System integrators can codelessly incorporate SharePoint lists into event-driven, pub-sub scenarios by subscribing Web services, external to SharePoint, to SharePoint list events through the Event Subscription and Routing functionality provided in the Tool Pane of Spread for SharePoint. This functionality is available in the Enterprise Edition of the product.


FarPoint Technologies, Inc.

Price: Standard Edition, US$995 (available at an introductory price of US$695); Enterprise Edition, US$1,495.

Web Site: http://www.FarPointSpread.com


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