FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 3 Released

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 3 Released

FarPoint Technologies announced the release of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms version 3. FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms is a comprehensive spreadsheet component for .NET applications that combines grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality, and includes the ability to bind to data sources. A single control can handle up to two billion sheets, each with up to two billion rows and two billion columns. The new features provide more flexibility for developers and end users to provide their own look and feel.

 This new version adds several visual display improvements, such as Outlook-style grouping, annotation mode, and custom focus indicators, and such interactivity features as undo/redo and a data-bindable multiple-column combobox cell. This release also includes a new layer that allows most any control to be placed on a sheet, as well as performance improvements for very large spreadsheets. The new version of FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms can be downloaded from the FarPoint Web site.

 A new child control layer allows developers to host controls on individual sheets. Other graphical improvements include an annotation mode for free-hand drawing, an animated (marquee) focus border, and gradients for headers, buttons, and progress indicator cells. Cell-type improvements include a multiple-column combobox that can be bound to a data set to allow developers to give their end users choices from bound sets. Automatic completion for combobox cells has also been added. Several new calculation functions have been added, including goal-seeking capability.


FarPoint Technologies, Inc.

Price: https://netserv.fpoint.com/FarPointStore/

Web Site: http://www.farpointspread.com


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