Edit Your Code Quickly With EmEditor

Edit Your Code Quickly With EmEditor

Emurasoft has released an update to its popular text editor, EmEditor 3.28. It's a multifunction Windows text editor that includes regular expression functionality, letting you search for and replace text within a code file that matches a specified string pattern. You also will see regular expression capabilities in the product's Find in Files functionality, allowing you to search for string patterns in multiple folders and files. EmEditor supports Unicode so you can edit multiple foreign languages, and it uses several plug-ins that let you meet specific needs while maintaining a small and fast core program. In addition, it uses clickable URLs, search-and-replace features, and allows for keyboard, toolbar, and menu customization.


Emurasoft Inc.

Price: US$30

Contact: (425) 882-9988; mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: http://www.emurasoft.com

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