Easy Projects .NET 3.1 Announced

Easy Projects .NET 3.1 Announced

Logic Software released Easy Projects .NET 3.1, a Web-based project management tool and bug tracking system for software development projects. Easy Projects .NET provides the major tools needed for efficient software project management: Hierarchical Projects and Tasks, Bug Tracking, Customer Request Management, Time Control, Message Boards, and File Sharing.

 With a few clicks you can examine your project s outstanding and over budget tasks, resource allocations, open and fixed issues, customer request status, and employee and contractor timesheets. Reports can be filtered, and you can split large tasks into small ones, assign team members and deadlines, and specify estimated durations.

 Easy Projects .NET allows an unlimited number of projects and tasks, with as deep a hierarchy tree as you need to effectively manage the project. You can define each team member s role, and the program will automatically assign new tasks to the appropriate team member. Users can request automatic customizable e-mail notifications each time their task has a change in status.

 Easy Projects .NET s built-in reports provide comprehensive information about resource workloads, team member timesheets, estimated time versus actual time, issue and request statistics, and assorted summary project information. You can create ad hoc reports, or use the Easy Projects .NET information with Crystal Reports, Active Reports, or other popular reporting systems.

 New features in version 3.1 include FireFox browser support, performance improvements, XML-based e-mail templates, five new reports, and more.

 Easy Projects .NET runs under Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 and requires .NET Framework 1.1, as well as Access or SQL Server 2000 and IIS 5.0 or higher. License packages are available for 1, 10, or 100 users. Companies who can t or don t want to host the software can use Logic Software s hosted packages.

 You can download from the company s Web site a free Personal Edition or a fully-functional 30-day trial version, or work with the full-featured Live Demo.


Logic Software

Price: Starts at US$89. Hosting prices begin at US$15 per user per month.

Web Site: http://www.easyprojects.net


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