Dundas Offers Several Updates

Dundas Offers Several Updates

Dundas Data Visualization announced Dundas Gauge for SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services is now in full production.

 Among the enhancements provided by Dundas Gauge, highlights include numeric gauges, state indicators, and the Dundas Code Editor, which powers many additional features and add-ons. The Code Editor allows you to write code against the gauge with any aspect of the gauge, any property. It also allows you to produce complete corporate templates for saving time and potentially quick debugging.

 Dundas Gauge is produced for developers building sophisticated digital dashboards, as well as other applications (manufacturing, financial, etc.) that require the real-time monitoring of key performance indicators and other critical data.

 SQL Server 2008 is a complete enterprise-class offering that builds on the success of SQL Server 2005 and delivers increased functionality to a comprehensive range of applications, from the desktop to the data center. It also includes some enhanced charting and gauge capabilities provided by Dundas Data Visualization.


Dundas also announced the production release of Dundas Chart for SharePoint v2.0, a charting component designed specifically for Microsoft s SharePoint portal technology. The company also released an updated and enhanced Dundas Gauge for SharePoint v2.0.

 Version 2.0 builds on the success of the earlier v1.5 offering by incorporating enhanced filtering, installation improvements, and a connection string builder in Data Connection Wizard (to adjust and control every aspect of your database connections). In addition, with v2.0 of Dundas Chart for SharePoint, you can enhance your chart s interactivity with the new click event and expanded callback event.

 SharePoint is a Web-based collaboration and document-management environment developed by Microsoft to organize corporate data and provide a structure to otherwise dissimilar data. Dundas Chart for SharePoint allows you to add customizable charts to your SharePoint portal, while Dundas Gauge for SharePoint lets you add easy-to-interpret gauges, dials, and knobs to display data that simply can t be shown effectively in a chart.


Dundas also announced the production release of Dundas Chart for .NET v.6.2.

 Among its highlights, Dundas Chart v.6.2 offers localization in its UI property page. Now users have the ability to localize languages with an easy-to-modify and user-intuitive approach. Other features include more than a dozen new drawing styles via the new column plus chart type. In addition, custom chart support has been added for users who build their own chart types.

 Dundas Chart for .NET is available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms editions, and is designed for implementing charting into internal projects or building data visualization applications for clients. It offers comprehensive features, a complete sample framework, and live technical support.


Dundas Data Visualization

Price: Contact Dundas.

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com


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