dtSearch Announces .NET Spider API

dtSearch Announces .NET Spider API

dtSearch announced version 7.2 of its product line for searching terabytes of documents across a desktop, network, intranet, or the Internet. The new version adds a .NET Spider API for the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET, and updates the dtSearch Engine for Linux to the terabyte indexer code base. The new release also adds OpenOffice to the extensive list of supported file types.

 All dtSearch products can index over a terabyte of text in a single index (as well as create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes). All dtSearch products generally share the same feature set: more than two dozen indexed, unindexed, full-text, and fielded data search options; display of HTML, XML, and PDF files with highlighted hits and embedded images, links, and formatting intact; built-in HTML converters for browser display of non-Web-ready content (word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation, ZIP, CSV, Unicode, and other popular file types) with highlighted hits; and XML-based distributed searching, including integrated display of local and remote content.

 The dtSearch Spider provides support for public sites, secure content HTTPS, password-accessible sites, and forms-based authentication; searching of Web-based content to any specified level of horizontal or vertical depth; support for dynamically-generated content (ASP.NET, CMS, SharePoint, etc.), as well as static content (HTML, XML, PDF, etc.); and integrated relevancy-ranking of Spidered and non-Spidered content, including WYSWYG display of dynamic and static Web-ready content with highlighted hits.

  dtSearch Web with Spider publishes instantly searchable data to an Internet or intranet site. dtSearch Publish offers publishing of a searchable document collection to CD, DVD, portable hard drive, etc. The product can also mirror an existing Web site on CD/DVD. The dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine lets developers add dtSearch search functionality to Web-based and other applications. The dtSearch Engine also provides developers access to dtSearch s extensive file format support, including dtSearch s WYSYWG hit-highlighted search display of Web-ready files, and proprietary built-in HTML converters for non-Web-ready files.

 The dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET supports C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++.NET, ADO.NET, SQL, C++, Delphi, and Java. The new release adds additional .NET APIs, including a new .NET Spider API, making the Spider functionality available through a .NET API.

 For more information, or to download fully-functional evaluation versions of any product, visit http://www.dtsearch.com.



Price: Starts at US$199 for dtSearch Desktop with Spider; US$800 for dtSearch Network with Spider; US$999 for dtSearch Web with Spider; and US$2,500 for dtSearch Publish.

Web Site: http://www.dtsearch.com


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