DocuWare Web Client Expanded

DocuWare Web Client Expanded

The newest version of the DocuWare Web Client is designed to simplify the set up of document workflow processes via the Internet. Annotations and highlights can now be added directly to documents and dynamic linking helps expedite business processes.

 DocuWare s Web Client gives users Web-based document management, and there is no need for a client installation. It is easy to display all types of file formats with any browser or to remain integrated in electronic stamp-based workflow from anywhere in the world. The Web 2.0 technology is a standard component and provides the highest level of user friendliness.

 One of the newest features of the DocuWare Web Client is the ability to add highlights and annotations directly to a document, making it as easy to add comments electronically as it would be to add them on paper. All the drawing tools familiar in the Windows client, such as lines, circles, a highlighter, and text input, can now be used via the Internet. Properties like color and line width also can be adjusted.

 One mouse click on a dynamic link within a displayed document allows users to display a list of logically related documents. For example, related bills of lading or the latest correspondence with a vendor might accompany an accounts payable invoice. The related documents are then shown in an additional browser window, along with available features like stamps and highlights. This is particularly helpful for a process like invoice payment authorization.

 DocuWare is an integrated document management software solution that automates business processes by electronically managing and sharing documents. Regardless of format or source, documents are stored in one central document pool. One search quickly locates all documents related to a business transaction. All access is secure, controlled, and logged.

 With Web-based document management, automated workflow, and integration tools to both hardware and software, DocuWare s flexibility enables complete mobility, transparency, and scalability to grow with the customers needs. A standard feature is an embedded and fully licensed powerful SQL database enabling full text retrieval. DocuWare also supports all forms of electronic signatures and is independently certified to ensure compliance with important government and private sector standards.


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