DocuWare Announces Version 5.1

DocuWare Announces Version 5.1

DocuWare announced DocuWare 5.1 at CeBIT 2007. A highlight of this version is a scalable Enterprise Server that targets the requirements of larger organizations. Aside from additional performance gained through load balancing, this product offers maximum security. The need for security continues to grow, including protection from server failure, data loss, or unauthorized access. Version 5.1 provides the highest security level required by even the largest organizations.

 Performance and system stability are increased because the server components that form a DocuWare system can be installed multiple times. For example, the load of Content Server, which is responsible for search and store operations, may be automatically distributed. Another innovation is that DocuWare 5.1 Enterprise Server administers multiple organizations within one system. This is well-suited, for example, to data centers or service providers offering Software as a Service (SaaS), who can handle the work of several independent customers, all within the same DocuWare system.

 With Enterprise Server, a file cabinet containing highly sensitive documents, such as those used in Human Resources or the medical field, can be stored with a High security level. These documents are specially encrypted and stored on the system level, where only authorized employees who have a High security level status are able to access them. Even system administrators can be exempted and will not be able to access them. NetApp Storage Solutions and the EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage (CAS) System can also be seamlessly integrated with DocuWare 5.1 Enterprise Server. This means that secure, tamper-free and long-term archiving of large volumes of electronic information is guaranteed.

 Many new features of DocuWare 5.1 are also included in the functionality provided by Professional Server, which targets mid-sized organizations. For example, users can work with DocuWare file cabinets at multiple locations at the same time. They can choose to work on a mobile or central system, and log on to systems found at headquarters or a remote subsidiary. In addition, documents can be deleted on the system level permanently, as well as automatically as part of a retention schedule. During storage and editing, DocuWare 5.1 checks index entries for plausibility. Also, via mouse-click, users can access any records associated with a currently opened document, even if they reside in a different file cabinet.



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