DevPartner Studio 7.1 Professional Edition

DevPartner Studio 7.1 Professional Edition

Compuware Corp.'s DevPartner Studio 7.1 Professional Edition is a comprehensive suite designed to help developers build more reliable, high-performance applications and components for the Microsoft .NET Framework and for native Windows. DevPartner Studio 7.1 now offers integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Windows Server 2003 platforms, enabling developers using the latest Microsoft releases to build robust applications to meet critical business requirements.


New in DevPartner Studio 7.1 is memory analysis for applications built for the .NET Framework. This new feature offers developers the ability to dynamically view the use of memory by showing the amount of memory consumed by an object or class, track the references that are holding an object in memory, and identify the lines of source code within a method responsible for allocating and using memory. With an accurate profile of an application's memory usage, developers can improve run-time performance and resource utilization by optimizing code that consumes or wastes the most memory.


DevPartner Studio static source code analysis has been dramatically enhanced to give developers the functionality to apply security rules to code. Source code analysis automates the code review process by providing an extensive database of rules, derived from a variety of commonly-accepted coding practices and industry experts, that can be applied to source code. Source code analysis automatically finds common programming problems and provides supporting information on why the issue exists and how it can be resolved. Users can quickly select which rules they would like to enforce and tailor the review to their local preferences.


Compuware Corp.

Price: US$1,495

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