Developer Express Announces CodeRush and Refactor! Pro 2.5

Developer Express Announces CodeRush and Refactor! Pro 2.5

Developer Express announced the availability of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro 2.5, IDE productivity tools for Visual Studio designed to boost code-writing efficiency and speed.

 Included with the Refactor! Pro 2.5 release are refactorings for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 (code-named Orcas). These refactorings specifically target the latest Visual C# 3.0 and Visual Basic 9 features, such as lambda expressions, implicit types, auto-implemented properties, and XML literals. These next-generation refactorings enable developers to experiment and pick up the latest syntax more quickly within the new language features of Visual Studio 2008. Refactor! Pro 2.5 will feature the following refactorings aimed specifically at C# 3.0 and VB 9:

  • Compress to Lambda Expression
  • Convert to Auto-implemented Property
  • Create Backing Store
  • Extract XML Literal to Resource
  • Make Explicit
  • Make Explicit (and Name Anonymous Type)
  • Name Anonymous Type


Refactor! Pro 2.5 also includes these new refactorings that work in all versions of Visual Studio .NET:

  • Extract String to Resource
  • Inline Constant
  • Introduce Alias
  • Introduce Alias (replace all)
  • Remove Redundant Assignment
  • Rename Type to Match File
  • Widen Scope (promote constant)
  • Widen Scope (promote to field)


Log in to your Client Center account to download this release. If you don t know your log-in details, contact Developer Express at mailto:[email protected]. Please refer to the following Web page for step-by-step instructions to find out what s new in this release:


Developer Express

Price: Contact Developer Express.

Web Site:


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