Data Binding : OBJECT Element

Description: Properties of an object (ActiveX controls) can be bound using data binding. The property corresponding to the NAME attribute on the PARAM tag is bound. The controls need not implement the OLE bindable typeinfo flag for the property to be bound.

More Details
An example of an ActiveX control with a property bound to the current record of the data set is shown in the demo.
An example of how Objects can also be used inside a repeated table is also

Finally, it's possible to bind the default property of an object. This is dependent upon the ActiveX control implementation. If the control has the DefaultBind typeinfo flag set on one of its properties, binding can be specified on the OBJECT tag itself (rather than on the PARAM). When this syntax is used and no property is marked DefaultBind, an attempt is made to bind the default property of the control (dispID 0). If this fails, the binding fails. Examples are left to the reader.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This data binding sample is supported in Internet Explorer 4 and Internet Explorer 5 on the Win32 platform.

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