Dart Communications Announces PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0

DartCommunications Announces PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0

  Dart Communications released the PowerTCPServer Tool 3.0. PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0 includes a unique DNS Server Controlthat allows you to manage a server burden by building a load balancing system.This system redirects traffic from one server to another by returning theserver IP address to the client that submitted a DNS resolution request. ThePowerTCP Server Tool also ships with a DNS Client Control. Used in conjunctionwith the DNS Server Control, this allows DNS requests to be redirected toanother DNS Server.

  The PowerTCP Server Tool enables the rapidconstruction of high-quality, high-performance, custom server applications. Itincludes TCP, FTP, and DNS server controls.

   Server Tool features enable easyconstruction of NT Service applications, eliminate most "connection management"code from your application, and can customize the security level.

  FtpServer Control automatically serves filesand listings, and provides the flexibility to customize sites.

  DNSServer Control includes events for everytype of DNS request and enables the implementation of DNS Proxy Servers.Service Control hooks directly into the NT Service Manager using Win32 calls.

  Another benefit of PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0is the ability it provides to create a proxy for filtering and trackingrequests. You can monitor the Web sites users have visited, track the number ofvisits, and even control access to specific Web sites.

  PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0 also provides a demonstrationof how to transfer data dynamically by creating a Flash Server to send data toa Flash Client in real time. The Server Tool 3.0 also includes a DNS Proxysample and a Proxy Server sample.

  A 30-day trial is available at DartCommunications' Web site.




Contact:mailto:[email protected]

WebSite: http://www.dart.com

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