Compuware Launches New Versions of DevPartner Products for Visual Studio 2005

Compuware Launches New Versions of DevPartner Products for Visual Studio 2005

Compuware announced new versions of two of its DevPartner products, Compuware DevPartner Studio 8.0 and Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5; both offer full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

 Using DevPartner Studio 8.0, developers can build applications, components, and Web services. New in DevPartner Studio 8.0 is Performance Expert, which enhances developers ability to locate, diagnose, and correct performance issues for applications that are not CPU-bound.

 DevPartner Studio 8.0 also includes the new DevPartner Fault Simulator SE, which provides fault simulation capabilities to debug error-handling code. It also includes a new tool that allows developers to compare system-level settings of an application over time, as well as a new data-export facility that allows users to save detailed performance and coverage data in XML format.

 DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 enables developers to locate software defects in error-handling code by simulating errors and monitoring the response in both .NET Framework-based and native Windows applications. Because it simulates errors, DevPartner Fault Simulator does not interfere with developers debugging tools. In addition, QA engineers can simulate real-world production failure scenarios, then provide results to developers for diagnosis. DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 now includes integration with the code coverage analysis tool in DevPartner Studio, enabling metrics that ensure new error handlers are tested as they are added to the application.

 DevPartner Studio 8.0 and DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 are the first Compuware products that support Visual Studio 2005. Upcoming versions of TestPartner and SecurityChecker will support and integrate with Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, respectively. Visit Compuware s Web site for complete details.


Compuware Corp.

Price: DevPartner Studio 8.0 Professional Edition, US$2,300 per seat. DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5, US$6,000 per concurrent user. Volume discounts are available for both products.

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