ComponentOne WinFX Schedule Control for Windows Presentation Foundation

ComponentOne WinFX Schedule Control for Windows Presentation Foundation

ComponentOne announced ComponentOne WinFX Schedule Control for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known as Avalon). This new control, available when Microsoft WinFX is released, will enable users to create a schedule application on the Windows Vista platform.

 The WinFX Schedule control, the first in what will be a complete set of ComponentOne controls for the new Windows Presentation Foundation, provides a user experience similar to Outlook, which enables users to navigate within the schedule application. The controls look like Outlook by default, but can be easily combined into more complex components and styled to provide complete integration within host applications.

 WinFX Schedule Control offers several new features, including appointment formatting, drag and drop functionality, ease of customization, two-way binding, and advanced Windows Presentation Foundation features.

 Format Appointments: WinFX Schedule Control enables users to present appointments arranged in a calendar format. They may view items for a day, a week, a work week, a month, or an arbitrary collection of days. All views belong to the same schedule, and appointments are stored in a single data source.

 Drag and Drop Functionality: Appointments can be rescheduled by dragging and dropping information within the schedule.

 Ease of Customization: The library includes a custom month calendar control that can be used to select the dates that should be displayed in the schedule.

 Two-way Binding: Appointments are stored in a regular DataTable object, which is automatically updated as the user modifies appointments in the control. Any changes made to the appointments in the data source are automatically reflected in the control.

 Advanced Windows Presentation Foundation Features: Animations, 3D effects, transparency, and dynamic styles based on triggers can be applied to the controls.



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