ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 Released

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009 Released


ComponentOne announced its offering of custom controls in a complete suite, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2009. This release includes new controls and updates designed to bring enhanced performance and presentation to Windows, web, and mobile application development.


This is ComponentOne's first release of Studio Enterprise this year, and the primary focus is on rich Internet and smart client applications. ComponentOne has added new Silverlight controls, reengineered its ASP.NET controls on a new, lightweight framework, and enhanced existing controls for the Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation frameworks.


Richly styled UIs are uncomplicated with ComponentOne's Silverlight controls. ComponentOne added support for the most popular Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit themes. ComponentOne's new image editing class, C1Bitmap, makes it possible to edit and transform images programmatically. Three new controls have been added C1PropertyGrid, C1TimePicker, and C1DateTimePicker expanding the end user's ability to edit data in Silverlight.


For its reengineered ASP.NET controls, ComponentOne has taken advantage of the latest web technology to simplify the use of the controls. The new C1GridView for ASP.NET now shares a similar object model to the out-of-the box Microsoft GridView, easing transition and, at the same time, offering such features as row filtering, virtual scrolling, and an extensive client-side object model.


The biggest enhancement to the suite's Windows Forms controls is visible in its PDF for .NET control. This control now supports AcroForms/AcroFields and HTML rendering. Developers can create Acrobat forms with the following field types: textbox, checkbox, radio button, push button, combo box, and list box.


ComponentOne rounds out its component suite with controls for Windows Presentation Foundation, iPhone, Mobile, and ActiveX. With the lack of spell-checking capabilities in Microsoft Visual Studio, ComponentOne has added IntelliSpell to Studio Enterprise. This add-in spell-checks code, comments, strings, HTML, XML, resources, and general text in both Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005.


Price: ComponentOne offers the full version of Studio Enterprise for US $1,100 per developer. This license includes all the controls included in its WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Mobile, and ActiveX suites and comes with a one-year subscription service that provides free updates, product enhancements, and new products for the life of the subscription. Customers with an active subscription who have registered with ComponentOne also will receive an email with instructions to access and license their new ComponentOne Studio for iPhone, upon its release.

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