ceTe Software Releases DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0 for .NET

ceTe Software Releases DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0 for .NET

ceTe Software announced the release of DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0 for .NET. DynamicPDF ReportWriter for .NET is a tool for creating PDF reports. It includes DynamicPDF Designer, which is a new GUI tool that provides a simple and familiar environment for laying out reports.

 DynamicPDF ReportWriter for .NET builds on DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX component, but adds many new features and report elements, as well as ADO.NET integration. It fully integrates with DynamicPDF Generator for .NET and DynamicPDF Merger for .NET, allowing for the use of any DynamicPDF feature when creating reports.

 DynamicPDF ReportWriter for .NET uses a new XML-based file format with a DPLX extension to represent the layout of a report. These DPLX files are created and edited using the included WYSIWYG design tool, DynamicPDF Designer.

 DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0 for .NET is designed to make the creation of PDF reports simple while still providing its users exceptional performance.


ceTe Software

Price: Starts at US$499

Web Site: http://www.cete.com


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