BrowserHawk 10.0 Available

BrowserHawk 10.0 Available

cyScape announced the release of BrowserHawk 10.0. This upgrade features cyScape s new patent-pending Page Load Time (PLT) technology, which provides visibility into the page load times and overall performance of Web sites. BrowserHawk 10.0 also adds support for Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0, and includes more than a dozen new features and enhancements.

 Unlike traditional tools and services that rely on synthetic transactions to estimate page load times, cyScape s PLT technology measures the exact load times as experienced by each of a site s actual visitors while using the site. PLT provides real-time data on the amount of time it takes for a page to begin loading (latency), its time to complete loading, and its total load time. PLT also provides a classification for the page view, such as if the page was served from the browser s cache.

 The PLT technology in BrowserHawk 10 provides the first 100% complete, end-to-end measurements of page load time and Web system performance. Every aspect of the system from the user s mouse, through their Internet connection to a site s backbone, through its network and servers, and back to the end user is fully accounted for and measured. This data can also be correlated with details about the user s system, such as their type of browser, type of Internet connection, and even the country where the user is located all in real-time. Likewise, BrowserHawk offers the ability to deliver different Web content based on whether the user is using a dial-up vs. broadband connection.

 Visit for more information on BrowserHawk s PLT technology and BrowserHawk 10.0. A BrowserHawk PLT demonstration is available, which displays your actual load times on the site, as gathered in real-time during your visit.


cyScape, Inc.

Price: Starts at US$399

Web Site:


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