Bot Idea - QnA Maker

Bot Idea - QnA Maker

Looking for a way to try out this whole new intelligent bot services but not sure where to start?

Well, one thing most companies and organizations already have can be the basis for your first interactive bot using Microsoft's Cognitive Services.

The QnA Maker from the Redmond company, claims that it will take just a few minutes to take your organizations/companies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and turn it into a fully functioning bot.

Once you sign into the QnA website, it will use a series of questions to get all the info from you to create the service.

Some of the info you will need to provide includes:

  • Name of your service
  • URL to your FAQ page
  • If there is no FAQ available then you can also upload documentation that contains questions and answers
  • If all else fails you can enter the information manually

I tried this service out by entering a few question and answer pairs manually through the creation wizard.

WinObs Q & A Setup an Creation

Once I added the Q&A pairs, I selected Save and retrain so the information could be integrated into the bot.

I then tested my simple setup by selecting Test in the left hand sidebar.

QnA Bot Testing

You just keep entering data, referred to as the Knowledge Base, to build your interactive bot QnA service.

Once it is published a sample HTTP request will be provided so you can integrate the bot into your services. You can go back and continue to refine the Knowledge Base and other settings as necessary to keep the bot up to date and running.

The free preview of the QnA Maker allows up 10 transactions per minute and 10,000 per month for your QnA bot service.


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