BMC Software Automates Problem Resolution

Gartner’s "2006 IT Market Compensation Study" showed that the IT industry's turnover rate—currently at 28 percent—is at an all-time high. The high turnover rate is placing a lot of stress on organizations' already strained resources. So what can organizations do to keep growing their businesses despite having to frequently replace their IT employees? A year ago the answer might have been to outsource the IT jobs, but outsourcing has become less of a focus and companies are once again looking for talent locally.

It has become more important than ever before for organizations to provide IT professionals with tools to help them be more efficient on the job. BMC Software believes that its product, AppSight, can help companies do just that. AppSight automates problem resolution during an application’s testing, support, and maintenance phases, which cuts down on the amount of time developers and DBAs have to spend finding and solving problems. "How many people do you not have to hire if you use this product?" said Eldad Maniv, vice president of products management at BMC Software. Typically, when an application fails, a user will open a Help desk ticket and a developer will then try to recreate the environment in which the problem occurred until the root cause of the problem can be found. However, AppSight's black box technology records the problem (as a compressed file ) on both a system and a user level, and that file can then be attached to the Help desk ticket, eliminating the need for developers to recreate the problem. According to Maniv, this product can help organizations achieve as much as a 25 percent gain in efficiency. AppSight runs in the background and logs every test, and the data captured is placed in a temporary repository. AppSight supports all Windows-, .NET-, and J2EE-based applications. This product is licensed per group, and the price is dependent on the size of your organization and the number of platforms supported. For more information about AppSight, go to

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