Best Windows Development Tool: VMware Workstation

Readers chose VMware Workstation, which lets users run multiple OSs on one PC, as the Best Windows Development Tool as well as the Best Testing and Debugging Software. VMware lets developers build mission-critical Windows applications, develop and test multi-tier applications simultaneously on multiple OSs, and easily archive and restore test environments. VMware helps Windows development teams shorten product development time, reduce problem-resolution time, accelerate time to market, and improve project quality.

Many readers cited VMware Workstation's ease of use. Reader Joel Munt said, "This extremely powerful software allows developing for a wide range of configurations for a low cost." Reader Justin Loucks called VMware Workstation "versatile and affordable with good documentation and support." And a reader in Baltimore, Maryland, said, "Can't live without it for development testing or systems testing. It is a lifesaver."

Palo Alto, California
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