AVIcode Upgrades Intercept Studio

AVIcode Upgrades Intercept Studio

AVIcode announced the release of Intercept Studio 3. Because many organizations are migrating to the .NET Framework, AVIcode has incorporated into this new release support for monitoring applications on the .NET Framework 2.0.

 Intercept Studio identifies and reports on application faults and performance degradations without burdening the application server. It delivers root cause analysis, enabling error resolution throughout an application s lifecycle.

 Intercept Studio 3 represents the next generation of the company s flagship product for Microsoft .NET Framework-based application monitoring and diagnostics. In addition, its always-on monitoring capability now features automated collection and categorization of application faults related to performance, application failures, connectivity, or security issues.

 This new version of Intercept Studio will also monitor and classify connectivity errors that impact operational workflow, such as the connection between an application server and Web browser or database server. In addition, Intercept Studio 3 will monitor for permission denied-type security issues and automatically collect such information as connection string, resource name, and security context.

 For application developers who ve incorporated their own error handling code or instrumentation, Intercept Studio will now be able to incorporate and correlate events captured via traditional instrumentation with its own root cause data.

 Intercept Studio 3 also enables adherence to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. Intercept Studio 3 features ITIL-based incident management integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server, allowing organizations to comply with industry best practices for application implementation and management.


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