Automation Anywhere's Testing Solution Now Includes Cloud and HTML5 Application Support

Automation Anywhere has announced the newest version of Testing Anywhere, which now includes cloud application testing and HTML5 support. "80% of our customers are already building cloud or web applications and asked us to expand into the cloud. So in this release we set the goal to make it easier to test cloud, web and HTML5 applications, which are increasingly important in mobile and online," explained Mihir Shukla, founder and chief executive officer at Automation Anywhere.

Following are highlights of Testing Anywhere's new features and improvements:

  • Testing Anywhere can detect an object's programming language and automatically chooses the best test automation technology for that language.
  • Testing Anywhere has included power user functionality including a free-flow editor, a multi-tab editor, debugging support, and support for regular expressions in many actions.
  • Testing Anywhere now automatically tests PDF capabilities for applications that export or work with PDF documents.
  • Email integration lets the tester connect to an email server from within Testing Anywhere and test email functionality for any software or web application.
  • Testing Anywhere includes advanced mainframe testing and now supports SSH1 and SSH2 protocols.

Visit Automation Anywhere's product page to learn more about Testing Anywhere or to download a free trial.

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