AppScan 4.5 Provides Standardized Web Application Security Testing

AppScan 4.5 Provides Standardized Web Application Security Testing

Sanctum, Inc. announced the availability of AppScan 4.5, a security testing tool to deliver standardized Web application security testing across the entire enterprise. AppScan 4.5 QA Edition and AppScan 4.5 Audit Edition facilitate communication across the full development lifecycle, optimizing productivity and communication between developer, QA, and audit teams with comprehensive analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

  AppScan 4.5 provides protection throughout the development lifecycle and enhanced compliance reporting for regulatory, directive, and corporate policy preparedness. By applying standardized testing and collaboration functions throughout the organization, AppScan 4.5 can ensure on-time delivery of quality applications while significantly improving development efficiency, reducing overall costs, and minimizing business risk.

  Using AppScan 4.5, enterprise users can reduce costs and eliminate security defects in the development cycle - prior to deploying Web applications in a live production environment.

  With comprehensive fix recommendations, predictive, reproducible results, and seamless integration with existing trend and regression testing, AppScan 4.5 makes security a natural extension of current testing processes. AppScan 4.5's standardized fix recommendations, user-defined policy templates, and common reporting language allow QA and auditors to better liaison within the organization, helping users create quality applications at a lower total cost and in compliance with regulations and best practices. With user-defined controls, power users can increase the breadth of audits for more intelligent and accurate testing. Finally, with comprehensive compliance analysis and reporting for US regulations, European directives and custom templates for measuring compliance to internal security best practices, users can now generate multiple compliance reports from a single assessment.

  AppScan 4.5 QA Edition and AppScan 4.5 Audit Edition are available in standalone and enterprise license editions.


Sanctum, Inc.

Price: AppScan 4.5 QA Edition or AppScan 4.5 Audit Edition annual subscription license, US$15,000. AppScan 4.5 Audit Edition 30-day license as a subscription service, starts at US$5,000.

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